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Italian Spinone dog - free to good home

The Village Idiot

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Hi Richard, have you tried Spinone rescue. You should be able to contact them through Spinone Club UK. I am sure they will be able to place Bob in a good home.

We have had two Spinone's. Toni for fourteen years and now Luigi who is five.

Slow to mature but cracking and loyal dogs. They are very good pointing / hunting dogs.If you have a gamekeeper / shoot, local to you they maybe able to find a "working" home for Bob. Best of luck *thumbup*

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John thanks *thumbup*

but Richard is pulling my leg/winding me up *eek*

Bob is an awesome dog and it would take a lot to separate him from myself and SWMBO 😬


If I were to get another,which I have seriously considered,we would look at re-homing one through the SCGB *thumbup*

Glad to know there are others on here that have a spinone , we have met a few through the SCGB events 😬 Also glad to know the are slow to mature lol thought it was just me *wink*

Bob doesn't seem to be losing any of his "puppyness" *wink*They are fun dogs as you say,great workers 😬

thanks again for your concern *thumbup*


Mark *wavey*


Penn7's area Stuff

R400 pure fun ( more so with Aero fitted ) Webshots here


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Very nearly returned Alberto to the breeder after he took several chunks out of the top of a dining room chair.


Score to date:


large dining room table edge mullahed

Both arms of kitchen chair chewed to bits

Now started on the kitchen units

+ that dining room chair


Perhaps I should try feeding him...





Edited by - RoyH on 27 Nov 2010 21:50:43

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John *thumbup*

Lol Yeah Bob is a fantastic character *thumbup* ( Penn7's unofficial mascot) I know he's going to get better with age 😬 hopefully 😬

We don't mind his little mad moments, all part of owning an unusual breed *wink* May see you at one of the SCGB events next year ?

Love the name btw *thumbup*


Ask Roy above about owning two *eek*

Think he's got a chewer in Alberto lol *eek* OMG he's a horse now maybe that's his wood diet lol lol 😬

Cage not working Roy ? Lol *wink* 😬 😬


Mark *wavey*


Penn7's area Stuff

R400 pure fun ( more so with Aero fitted ) Webshots here
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Hey Mark *wavey*


Cage is good. We pop him in it at night and, usually when he's being left alone, but he's now huge (he dwarfs Enzo) and cant stand up in it so I'm loathe to put him in it for long periods except overnight.


Bought him a muzzle to use in the house (he's not keen, unsurprisingly) and a cardboard cut out of a snarling Doberman when he misbehaves ....




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Dicks - you know it makes sense, i will bring Noodle round *thumbup*


Roy - where have you been ? perhaps you should try having something else removed *wink* ( from Alberto )


Pesky - you keep off my crank *eek*


Mad Hatter The Dura Mentalist 😬 Carl @ Penn 7's *thumbup* Caution - May Contain Nuts !


Edited by - Mad Hatter on 28 Nov 2010 20:45:36

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