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Clutch release bearing - upgrade LF Mar 2010


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Yes, indeeedeee 😬 *thumbup*


I carried this out on my 1.6 K-series 2003 car a week ago, whilst changed the 5 speed for a 6 speed gearbox and also replaced the clutch cover/plate (they didn't really need replacing).


I used the Burton alloy carrier (Part No RD315A) and the Burton supplied bearing.


Since they didn't have the recommended bearing (HD3260) in stock, I used the alternative HD3259 bearing, as recommended by Burton.


A friend of mine machined the alloy carrier down to size - a 5 minute job if you have a lathe and know how to use it.


When we fitted the new CRB on the shaft we didn't use anything to attach it to the clutch fork, we just made sure that when we mated the engine to the bellhousing the alloy carrier was engaged in the clutch fork ok (once everything is joined together it is stuch in the correct place).


I've only done approx 100 miles since fitting, but everything is *thumbup* so far




1.6 K Series EU3, 2003, with DVA K05 and a few other goodies...

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