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Radiator fans

Sgt Pepper

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Good excuse for work avoidance (office above garage)..


I changed from the triple pass to the standard Ford Alloy rad' last year. Used to over heat with the triple pass waiting for runs and in traffic. Temperature now a constant 92 whilst stationary and 80 on track along with the QED remote 'stat. Fan measures a fraction over 9" diameter. It's the original fan on 2002 SLR.





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I use the standard fan for a K series (not the larger R500 version) with the Ford rad and it keeps everything cool. Speak to Mick at Redline Components as you will also need the plastic legs and mounting brackets. I do not have access to the car at present so I cannot get you the part number.


Mark D

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Thanks guys, my x/flow used to run with a Pacet 9" fan, but for some reason I always felt a larger fan would have been better although I never had any serious overheating problems (Well, that is until a connector broke and the fan didn't work, but that's another story ☹️). However, the temp would always rise, like Stuart in traffic or waiting for runs.


With the old steel/copper Covrads there was only just enough room to fit the 9" fan between the headers.


I'd better remove my fan from the For Sale section then....


Currently powered by Fresh air ☹️ 😬

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