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drilling holes...


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I have a small conundrum.

I want to weld a 16mm tube onto a 32mm tube to create my own version of the submarine pipe.


The 16mm tube has a inside diametre of 15.8mm.


the question is: do I drill a hole at 16mm or 15.8mm?






Emily, The Very Yellow 21

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Don't recollect seeing many 15.8 bits for sale (unless it's an imperial size)


Would be easier for you to drill 16mm, get the periscope pipe IN the hole then braze in place. Neater job. (refer Arch chassis). You'll get a stronger joint than trying to butt up to the surface of the larger pipe at 15.8 and save yourself the trouble of having to develop the correct scallop out of the end of your 16mm pipe.


Have fun :)





FCITW 2009 😬

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