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Hi new member,after 4th trip out in 03 1.8 140 hp 9000 miles jacked up to have a general look round, in turning o/s rearwheel slight knock in diff approx evey 3rd of wheel turn, n/s no noise at all, diff does not seem too noisy when driving,drive shafts seen to have no slack and diff input back lash seems ok,am i being too sensitive and have found std noise or should i be worried? *confused*
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PAM, Welcome. Blatchat is a great resource for tech info on the Seven.


If you use the search function (top of page) you will find in the archive loads of discussion on this. Basically they do make a bit of noise in a Seven and you will soon get used to it. A little bit of backlash is not unusual either. *thumbup*


Edited by - Graham Perry on 22 Nov 2010 22:02:31

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Thanks for replies, had not found search button, now nearly to much information, i shall do the std checks on oils and grease, get some ear plugs and enjoy. *wavey*

Have had the seven for 5 weeks and can still think of nothing else,and cant stop smiling,Sevens should be given on the National Health.

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