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Zetec Head Porting/Polishing


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I've tried searching BC but i keep getting internal errors and therefore cannot find an answer to my question.


I have stripped back my engine bay to the point where it would only take an hour to take the cams of and remove the head.


I already have uprated cams so I am thinking that i might get the head polished/ported/flowed etc, maybe increase the compression to 11:1.


I know raceline do this, and at a competitive price, or so i believe, but i think they have a very long lead time, although i will enquire.


Does anyone have any other recommendations for companies/people who can perform this task?


I don't want to go mad, just want to get the engine up to about 200bhp.



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I've got a very nice ported Zetec head (plus big valves) in my loft that Ammo did for me... I'm just waiting for the garage extension to be done before I can get around to fitting it.

Receco - give him a call.


I'm going to have a 200bhp head from my silvertop going spare ... but I don't know when - I never have been good at .... timing *tongue*

200nhp is pretty easy with basic porting and some 285 profile cams (I have been running Pipers, but Kent will give similar power).


Phil Waters

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Thanks for the reply, I'll check out the link.


It is a blacktop zetec i have and i have the 285 cams that raceline supplied me ages ago, which i believe are kent cams.


I may have a friend who would be interested in the silvertop head depending on what you would want for it.

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