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Tin Top electrical problems


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Got home last night and car wouldn't lock using the fob. Then I noticed thet both the interior lights and electric windows were not working. Everything else seemed ok but it was late and I had other things I needed to do instead of looking at the problem in detail. I did quickly open up the fuse box but all the ones I checked were ok. It's odd that a number of items have gone down. Any thoughts on where to start looking. It's a 2004 Passat Estate.



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The VW Group had problems with unplated electrical connectors being affected by corrosion, especially in the damp conditions inside the drivers door, but I think this was before 2004.


I would imagine a garage with a test unit would be able to plug in to the diagnostics and source the fault a lot easier than you may be able to by poking at the loom at random ?



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I have just found this through google


(I'm no expert but I think it is the comfort control unit may have gone. If you do a search under comfort or CCU in the passat forum it should bring up plenty of posts.


Apparently its located under the carpet under the front passenger seat and if the car lets water in through the pollen filter (common fault) it corrodes the terminals.


The first thing I would do is check the carpet in the front and rear passenger footwells and see if they are damp)


I have just my first experience of passat , abs light on, traction control light on, engine management light engine on, workshop flashing on the dash turned out to be-- brake light switch!


good luck, electrics i hate them!



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