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Non start when cold


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1.6 K series, my first caterham since May this year. Never failed to start

Last month since the weather turned, and although sure a coincidence had fast road cams and throttle body modification - it will not always start when cold/left for several days, however leave it for ten minutes, try again and it will start. This morning was the same and the fourth time it has happended


It cranks with no attempt to fire what so ever. Apprecuiate i will need to investigate further but wondered if this is something other people have experienced.


Checked the normal C/S sensor connections etc. fuel pump kicks in.


Thanks - Peter


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You looked a bit like 'billy no mates' so have a look at these pointers.

Do you let the pump prime? You should hear it buzz and then stop.

Do not touch the accelerator till the car has started.

Give all the wiring connectors a good waggle and a shuv.

You could try re setting the system. Ignition on but do not try to start. Slowly push the accelerator to the floor and release slowly. Do this 5 or 6 times. Turn ignition off. Count to ten and then start the engine in the normal way.

Hope this helps to stimulate the brain *wavey* *wavey*



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Glad you feel better now.

If you do not find anything to cure it just try leaving a charger on the battery for an hour before starting to see if it helps. May be the battery is about to fail so it cranks but not enough juice left for the spark.

Clutching at straws is my speciality.

Have a good weekend. 😬



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