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Exhaust split


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Just noticed condensation dripping in front of the rear wing at the exhaust. Didn't think much of it (should have) until I also noticed the purring sound. Theres a very small crack in the exhaust pipe at one of the anchor point welds where it fixes to the rubber bobbin. Not big but expect it will get bigger and have to be dealt with.


Hoped that with a nice SS exhaust that was one thing I wouldn't have to mess with. Anyone else had this happen?


BASIC TECH INFO: 2004/9,500 mile Cat w/Zetec SVT, widetrack, DeDion, 5 spd/3.62, 15-CR500's

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No front anchor points available on the exhaust as supplied. If I found the anchor point on the chassis how do you anchor onto the exhaust? I assume you'd use the same anchor mechanism as the rear but not sure how to use?

Thanks in advance.

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Ben at Caterham USA has a front bracket and bobbin that bolts to the connection between the header and the collector. I had the crack at the collector and had to re-weld, but no problems since installing the front mount.
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