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Electrics really is witchcraft to me. I have an EU2 loom and i'm fitting an R400 engine shortly, i'd also like to fit a stack dash, i know it means swapping dashes etc and i'm happy to do that, but what about the loom, is it plug and play into my existing loom or am I better off simply fitting a new R400 engine loom and running the stack off that??



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Neither would work.


The main loom is different for cars fitted with Stack dash.


ISTR you're going to use an Emerald ECU. This will match your engine loom perfectly.


For the dash you could use a Stack loom, which is bespoke for the dash, but you'd need to fit it to the sensors on the engine, and hence not have the current one connector option if (when) you need to remove the engine.


You could also fit the 19 way MIL connector to your current loom (which is what I did), but it takes a bit to do it. It's not complicated if you are fairly skilled with a soldering iron though.





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Yes i'm going Emerald, so standard stack loom connected to the engine sensors would be ok, that's pretty much what I imagined.....how does this integrate with the EU2 loom or does it not need to? Tell me more about the 19 way MIL connector, i'm not skilled but I use a Motec guy for my looms so i'm sure he could sort



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If you were just fitting the emerald to the current engine it would just be plug and play.

The R400 engine has slightly different sensor locations, but I think you'll be OK, especially if you don't change to wasted spark. Mind you that the R400 came with the MBE ECU which requires a different loom.


The gauges on the ordinary dash have individual connectors, which you'll need to mate to the pins of the MIL connector on the Stack dash. You'll need Stack sensors on the engine, and there might be an issue with earth to those as most of the CC sensors are one pin that grabs earth from the body.


Have a look at the wiring diagrams, then the sky will clear...

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would it not just be easier to change the main loom, sorry a bit confused now, i just don't understand electrics unfrotunately......the stack dash does away with the gauges of the ordinary dash so what would need connecting up, wouldn't it be stack directly to the new stack sensors?





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