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Gearbox oil (again - sorry)


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Hi - I have looked through tech talk for the last two years on the subject of gearbox oil, but mostly they seemed to talk about Quaife "in'ards".


We have a Quaife box - 5 speed - and that is all I know at the moment, so:-


1. Does it matter what sort of Quaife box we have - is the oil always the same? If so - what is the current recommendation.


2. If different boxes require different oil - after the box is out (tomorrow) how will I know what sort it is?


All help will be gratefully received, but I will confess that, while I am the financial and computer whiz of my 7 team, I am definitely not the mechanic. So one syllable answers would be appreciated. *smile*


Farmer Terry (and his car)

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this is what Quaife says:


"Recommended oil for use in your Quaife gearbox or differential...

Quaife recommend Silkolene lubricants for all of its gearkits, gearboxes and differentials, as it has proven performance over a wide temperature range and helps extend component life.


Silkolene Pro SRG 75 GL3 / GL4 100% Esther synthetic racing gear oil is our choice for synchromesh gearkits and gearboxes.


Silkolene Silktran Syn GL4 / GL5 is recommended for dog gearkits and 'boxes, differentials, and Quaife's reversing box.

Silkolene lubricants are available to buy from Quaife Engineering. Please call..........."



Best regards



Caterham CSR 200

MAZDA MX-5, NB, 1840ccm


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Hi Terry, *wavey*


I fitted the Quaife box to your car which I bought from Roger Swift, the spec is;


5 speed straight cut Quaife pro box (needle roller). Quaife alloy case, alloy lid with modified breather outlet and front corner filler point. 2.04 first gear. The box is was professionally refreshed by SPC before I bought it, so it would have only done about 500 track miles and several sprints/hillclimbs and very few road miles when you bought the car.


This is one serious gearbox!! *thumbup*


BTW I put redline MTL in.




L7 EVL *evil*



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