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A selection of CRT televisions - free (or small donaton to NTL maybe?) - Added DVD player and Digibox!


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I seem to have a surplus of televisions in my garage - 5 to be precise! I know they are not worth anything these days but it seems to be a great shame to ditch them - so anyone here want one (or 2!). Handy for kids, bedrooms, conservatories etc?


They are all 4:3 CRT type in full working order with remote controls.


Schneider 21" stereo silver/grey (with a little black stand on wheels)

Orion 14" black

Phillips 14" silver/grey Dans

Thompson 10" black (also works off 12v)Guy


I'll keep the fifth one to watch while I am working in the garage *cool*


I also have a DVD player (Reoc A3?)

and an original OnDigital digibox Dans


if anyone wants them!



Dibs here please, if nobody wants them then it is off the freecycle with them!


Solent Se7ens Web!




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Hi Guy - I'll be at the pub from about 8 for at least an hour - I need to get back to prep for Keevil tomorrow (so no I won't be at Goodwood). No problem with me hanging on to it for a while if you are not desperate - it's been stuck in the loft for ages so a bit longer won't hurt *thumbup*
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