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1998 1600 SS loom into 1993 1400 SS wiring loom


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i've just picked up a 1998 1600 k series supersport with the engine loom attached (thanks Dave 😬).


i need to install this into a 1400 k SS 1993 chassis with the original chassis wiring loom. it seems the main problem is going to be the plug which connects the engine/chassis looms; black (1993) and grey (1998) loom plug?


is it relatively straight forwards to connect these two plugs? i presume i can buy the opposite grey plug and fit to the 1993 loom?


it seems the coil wiring is different between the two looms as wll - 1993 coil wires are in the chassis loom?


any suggestions or gotchas to look out for would be appreciated.... whats the easiest way to go about mating these two loom types together?


is any significant re-wiring of my 1993 chassis loom required?


cheers *thumbup*

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