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Rivets - very boring


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A quick, yet very dull question.


I want to redo some of the poppers on my car. I want to order some new buttons and the rivets that attach them to the body. Question is, though, which ones do I need. I know they need to be the counter-sunk ones, but for the life of me I can't work out which ones on the Caterham website I need.


Grateful for a pointer (even a link maybe) to the correct items.




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I've got quite a selection left over from my two kit builds. Let us know which poppers you want to replace (around the boot edge, for example) and I'll have a look. You'll have to be quick though as I'm away from Weds. Alternatively, talk to Tony in Parts (or Darren if your car is pre-2001). They'll know what you need.




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