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Just fitted 4 2 1 Powerspeed - I have question

Geoff Wilcx

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As per the title I have just fitted new Powerspeed 4 - 2 -1 which is a very nice piece of kit - most impressed and glad a went this route.


Quick question to anyone out there who may have similar system - I notice that #1 Primary comes very close to the rear of the alternator and as such is very close to the plug connector at the rear - by close I mean about 4 mm away - I will lag the primay tomorrow but question to anyone out there with this system to understand if this is likely to be a problem


The wires leaving the plug connector lead away from the primary and are nicely protected by a heat resistance sleeve.


My Winter '08 Upgrade was to a screaming DVA K05.



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Mine was really close - ie with the alternator plug in, it wouldn't fit!

I removed the alternator, turned the end of the alternator 135 degrees (so something similar - seem to recall the bolts wouldn't let me do 180) and refitted it.


2 yrs later it still charges. Although having seen the manifold glow dull red on the rolling road the other week, I'm amazed it does - and real glad I bolted my Emerald inside the car, rather than leave it under the bonnet.



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