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Caterham Anthracite 15" 10 spoke wheel

Nick Chan

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Does anyone have one or two Caterham 15" anthracite rims available? I don't need tyres and any condition is suitable as long as they are straight and cheap, they will be fine *wink* for sprinting.






Back in a BEC! - But trying to get into Class 1...

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I'm guessing that this is to replace my wheel that Nick "modified" at Llandow a couple of weeks ago 😬

I'll add, that a lightly kerbed wheel or two would be considered, if the price was right.



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You need to have a chat with Wil Ackroyd. I know he has just bought one but is not sure whether he is going to use it as he did not know the effort needed to add a rear wheel carrier.


I'll drop him a text and tell him to contact you if he does want to sell it.





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