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Escort english axle wheel bearings


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Burtons - however they won't be cheap.


Saying that, they will be cheaper than the ones sourced my my local factors.

I picked them up on account, fitted them, then got the invoice for £70!!!

After a lot of complaining, they dropped the price to their (documented) cost price of £64.00 *mad*



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Just to add a little more info - I rang Burtons - one in-stock that might or might not be there. But the fact they have been ordering multiples of two from their supplier since Feb and haven't got any yet would seem to indicate the shelf is empty too.


However, rang my local independant factor (again, why didn't I try him first . .?) - QH kit in for me this evening, one coming next week . . £14.50 inc the usual.


As well as the 4 pack of syner-g Comma oil.





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