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pre-1998 de-dion 1.4k or X-flow

chris perry 1

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It is not a de-dion but, have a 1991 Crossflow with full weather kit, good engine, clean but not show room. 5 Genuine minilite wheels. I am in two minds whether to rebuild this into a concourse example or sell it. I have many, many projects already on the go and it would be a shame to have yet another dragging on. This is a genuinely complete car that needs simply taking apart, re-powdercoating and re-assembly. I am confident that there are no disasters lurking.


I run a motorsport business in Guernsey and have a number of race cars as well.


The back axle is a marina type but I have a ford one available as part of a package.


Just if you are interested £8500.00 Please read this as a firm price.


I am based in Guernsey but the car is ex-uk I will deliver it as part of any deal. I have a lorry to transport the race cars.



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