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How easy is it to knock the front geometry out? Car feels slightly odd


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Just been to get fuel and make sure my new rear wing doesn't fall off. First time I've driven the car since hitting a cone last week at North Weald. I believe I clipped it with the front wheel (hence damaged front wing) before hitting it with the back, which might explain the slightly odd driving experience.


It feels like the geo is out slightly. Feels like toe-out to me, steering is very light in the middle while moving and I'm having to put much more effort in to keep it in a straight line. Also is a lot more responsive to weight transfer. Overall I prefer the car this way, makes it a bit more lively and more involved.


Is the geo easily knocked out like this? Am I likely to have damaged anything else during the incident or remainder of the day?




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Hi Simon


It's relatively easy to knock the geometry compared to more robust and heavy tintops, but I doubt you would do it by hitting a cone (unless it was full of concrete!)


A corner weight and geometry set up is a very worthwhile exercise if you have never had it done before.








*tongue*There's no such thing as too much IQ per Pound 😬

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I developed a similar symptom today on a mini-blat. I crawled home, thinking I must have damaged something Autosoloing last weekend, to discover a very slightly loose steering column joint. Might be worth checking?




Edited for Typo's - due to a very nice Merlot


Edited by - Shoestring on 5 Apr 2009 00:32:23

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