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Free beer and feed at Roys shedly gathering at his place...


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No probs at all with that but as I live in a council terrace on a busy road parking might be a problem.


Wouldnt say it's rough but we have 6 year olds running masterclasses in car theft.





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Didn't we have a shed chrimbo bash a few years back *confused* Can't have been before 2004 shurely *rolleyes*


I propose that Roy chooses a date in June / July to hold this years christmas party 😬 (August is looking a bit too busy)


I would also suggerst a shed area meet at Stoneleigh, but i'm not gonna be there this year, so need the sheds AO to get their *thumbup* out of their 🙆🏻 😬




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Roy, do you have double width patio doors?

If you don't Fat Boy Bailey will have to stay out in the garden, as he can't get through normal doors.


(When he drives his 7, he puts one 🙆🏻 cheek each side of the tunnel. I have no idea how he changes gear!)


Only dead fish go with the flow....!

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The last shedly gathering was at the birket in 2004
Sheds ‘area’ meetings... we did have a few back in the day and peeps came from far and wide (some of them wider than others *wink*). There were several in 2003, starting with Towcester in May, Silverstone (Birkett) in October and Cambridge in December, and then also Christmas 2004 near Curborough. In between we had quite a few other get-togethers to coincide with Duxford airshows and track events as well as a ‘farewell Hoopy’ bash in London. Things sort of petered out and the planned Christmas 2005 meet never happened... ☹️


Actually those meetings were really really good fun *cool*


So *thumbup* from me for a meeting at Chateau RoyH *tongue*



*wink* nothing...


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Well, the overweight Wiley chap seems to have volunteered me; thank you, large person.


I was thinking along the lones of more than one meet, in more than one area of the country as a lot of you may not be able to get to Herts, and, if you do, Dicks summer bash would do the trick as he lives 10 minutes drive from me.

That would be the Herts area catered for.


What about other areas, the south, midlands, north, Wales, Scotland?


If we do want this to happen, how about some ideas of how we can make it happen in different areas.


I think Mr Toady is right, it has a good chnce of being a lot of fun, especilly if I attend *thumbup*




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