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The clck with a difference

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Just back from work........ great blat in the sun Reading to North Bucks 😬 left the car on the drive for a couple of hours, just went to put it to bed and got the click of death even though the car is stone cold??? Any ideas.........not had any starting problems since changing the banner last year, the car is a DVA 1.8 k series any ideas?



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Poor power getting through to starter, or more likely starter sticking due to 'crud' mixed with 'greasy crud' inside it.


Check cable conditions, measure to check voltage drop during operation.. or assuming it happens regularly just remove starter and clean the solenoid internals.



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If It hasn't been modded than put a meter on the solonoid wire* (small white/red wire)


They get burnt from number 4 primary and, although the sheath looks OK, the wire inside can be so burnt that it will crumble in your fingers. Severeal car I've looked at (at Le mans) have read as low as 6v.


Cutting the wire back to the loom and connect a new wire routed behind the startre will cure the problem.




* You'll need someone to crank the starter while you hold/read the meter. Disconnect plug leads to stop the engine firing.


Norman Verona, 1989 BDR 220bhp, Reg: B16BDR, Mem No 2166, the full story here

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Just sorted this out on myn, all it was a bad earth ( The wire from the battery to the side of the motor). Cleaned the corroded connector with emery and rubbed the side of the motor too, rebolted back with a new spring washer and never had a problem since ( That was a month ago)

Hope this helps *smile*

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