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Slick wheel help please.

vvc cat

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Want to order my CXR's tomorrow. Plan to have a play with slicks. 4 questions please.


Offset: Chris at Compomotive has asked for offset. Caterham Anthracites (6"/8") fit my car with ET24 all round. Presume this is the same for the CXR's?


Size: He said that some Caterham owners run 7" fronts but looking at the clearance on my race stays and Mog carbon wings, there doesnt seem room for 7" rims. Can the stays be bent or can larger race stays be purchased? If there is no clearance do i stick to the 6" rims, much benefit of a 7" rim?


Slicks: Confused over crossply and Radial. From what i have read Michelin are radial. Avon are crossply. Why do you need to adjust the car for crossply and not for radial and what sizes would i need for 6,7 & 8 inch rims? Any benefit between the two types of tyre?


Benefit: Just wondering what seconds are saved around a lap with a slick vs A048r driven equivalently?


Thanks *thumbup*



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I run the Michelins on 6" and 8" rims, 16/53x13 for the front and 20/54x13 for the rear, there's also a 235/57x13 and 220/54x13 that will fit the rear the latter being a tight squeeze. Whilst it's a radial tyre my car is setup for crossplys, it seems to go round most circuits pretty well *thumbup*.


Grip compared to A048's is at a very rough guess +30%, improved braking is one of the most noticable areas



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