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Llys y Fran - Message from Entries Secretary

Mark Durrant

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Entries continue to come in fast for our events on May 10th & 19th July,

however we have had some cases where we have had contacts from

competitors because we have mis-spelt their names on the provisional

entry list. Please pass on our apologies for any mistakes made, if any of

your competitors has been affected. As soon as mistakes are pointed out

we will amend them.


However after talking to Steve Lloyd our entry sec, can we make an appeal

for competitors to use block capitals when filling out the name and car



This will be a great help to assist us in getting the spelling right.

Also can we ask that they send their entries in with the correct postage

for the size of envelope used.


Where it is sent in an A4 envelope, the Post Office will refuse to

deliver it and this involves the Entry Sec in a long journey to main

sorting office and having to pay a charge of £1.06. Please can you ask

your members to use envelopes C5 size (6ins by 9ins or 162 x229 mm) or

smaller. Or if using A4 size please double them over to approx C5 size

and put a small peice of sellotape on it to keep it that way, before

addessing and stamping it.


Many thanks



Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*


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