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MB R500 Mags


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My MOT pass celebratory blat resulted in a bent rim due to a lump of rock on a country road so I've elected to replace the rim.

Trying to get through to MB seems like a bit of a mission but I'm asuming I can disassemble the existing wheel and build the new one up around the tyre so I don't need to visit the tyre fitters *confused*

Not done this before - any tips I need to know? Also I realise the rims need sealant. Any particular type or just regular silicone from a DIY place? Does this just go around the inner circumference of the rims where the two meet? Anything specific for that?

Anyone who has done the job that can share anything or is it as easy as it superficially seems?

Torque for the bolts? Should I replace the bolts?





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If you have a whack big enough to dent the outer rime then I would seriously consider getting the magnesium inner crack tested.


The outers can be taken apart from the tyre, but I think its easier to pop down the local tyre fitter and have him whip it off.


The sealant is regualr silicon around the 2 sections - you will see it when your take them apart. Mike Barnby suggests you also replace the bolts - available from Mike for a few £.


The 2 halves can be split apart - I used a big 12" cooks knife to lever them apart.


Beware when you order a new rim section, Mike has outers and inners with 2 bolt numbers - I cant recall what they are now , so check the number of bolts your wheels use before ordering.




here is my Duratec R .... C7 TOP

Taffia joint AO with Al


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I agree with Dave regarding getting the centre crack tested and also having the tyre removed. Mike now recommends the use of 'High Modulus' silicone which is available for builders merchants and double glazing companies. Instead of applying to the joining faces of the rim Mike recommends that after bolting the wheel together you apply a bead of silicone where the two halves join on the tyre side IYSWIM. You will also need some silicone remover, Screwfix stock this. If you re-use the bolts I would replace the nylocks.


Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*


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Thanks for the replies.

That being the case the wheels are actually begining to look a little tired ( *rolleyes* ) and the powder coat flaking off in a few areas, so I might use this as an excuse to send them off and get them all refurbished at the same time.


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Mark - yes: I've got a second set which are painted and are much better in terms of getting the wheel nuts in and haven't deteriorated as much as the powder coated set. Not sure he'll have too much of a problem getting the powder coat off mine *rolleyes*
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