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What exactly is the difference between a French 1.6 K series Caterham and a UK model?


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And why does it mean that I have to go to Paris for an extortionate day of tests for:


Rear View

Electromagnetic interference




As far as I see it, a French Caterham is the same in all of these areas, with the exception of me having a 7" side exit exhaust, so is probably quieter anyway, but I still can't get a CoC or a partial CoC.


I understand the difference is in the chassis (from what I have been told), but if I pass the above 5 tests, I can get my French plates.


From what I understand, French national type approval has been granted to 1.6 K Rover engined 7's, and a minor difference means my car is not the same?


From the EU law

National approval may either be national type-approval or national individual approval:

— national type-approval and national small series-type approval are intended to ensure compliance of the vehicle type with the applicable national technical requirements. It results in a national type-conformity certificate issued by the manufacturer, in which he confirms that the specific vehicle was manufactured

in conformity with the approved vehicle type,


So, as the French 1.6 is Nationally approved, does this mean I should be entitled to a CoC if my car was manufactured in conformity?


I am basically interested in the difference between the French and UK versions, as I believe the car is built the same, so I may save lots of hassle and expenditure. If not, then bring the hassle on!


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*nono* *nono* *nono* You live in France now you should know it has nothing to do with Technical Specifications and all about bureaucracy. *cry*

Did you get your rear view mirrors sorted?



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Abbot, I was about to say the same thing but got sidetracked into answereing an email.


Took me 14 months getting French plates on a LHD Pug 806 and we had all the docs except a UK V5C. I thought Sarkosi was going to sort it all out. Probably hasn't found all the forms that need filling in to do this.


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Living in Spain, I feel for you Cagey. *rolleyes*

You need to find a Gestor (Don't know the French equivilent?) who knows all the right people.

I'm fortunate in the fact I live on an Island, and most of the Locals are related. *eek*


A guy I know here has a lovely restored classic Merc SL300 convertable. When he took it for inspection, the engineer was adamant there was a letter missing from the chassis plate. (We're talking maching numbers fully documented classic here) after much discussion, the fellow came up with a set of letter punches, and stamped the letter, which the guy reconed was missing, in front of him. And hey presto! Pass! 😔


Good luck with it. *thumbup* Like you say, it's all about jobs for the boys. *rolleyes*

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