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Morgan Plus 4 "K" reg


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Dave, if your colleague wants to deal with the trade then speak to Nick Brewster at http://www.rpm-morgan.co.uk/


Don't worry about location as he is used to covering the UK.


I should add that he is a friend, but I have bought 4 tintops sourced by him and am also a happy customer.



aka... Tricks...

aka darstardly


Known as Mutley

Q205 BNN

Sylva Phoenix




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dON'T DEAL WITH A DEALER RE THE MORGAN THEY'RE EASY TO SELL FOR top dollar just put it on ebay or in the morgan mag - it'll sell almost instantly, just check the prices before you advertise it.

Good luck

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Thanks to all for their comments .. ..


I repeat - if anyone may be interested (or knows someone who might be) then feel free to contact me for further details.


I'm sure that the owner knows the Morgan market as well, or possibly better than most on here. I got their permission to post notice of the future sale of the vehicle on this site before it goes for sale elsewhere.



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