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Blackbird Wheel Widths


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Advice required from the BEC owners please........


Trying to find replacements for the 7" (x13) minilite (copies) on my Blackbird is proving to be harder than I expected (circa 2 week delivery from Polley/KN/justtyres, etc.) and they need replacing as they have excessive offsets causing my nice new 205/60/13s to rub against the arches when the suspension bottoms out (so to speak!).


I can get hold of a set of used 6" minators for around £200 but this means having to buy another pair of 185/60/13 Toyos and I'd rather just replace the 7" wheels on the rear!


I popped into Caterham South at lunchtime today and the chap I spoke to (didn't catch his name) was very helpful though suggested 6" width front & back would be his preference for the car anyway as larger width rears tends to lead to understeer on some caterhams.


Anyway, all this prompts me to ask what size wheels/tyres are the other BB/BEC drivers using?


I need instant gratification with any purchase and can't stand the thought of not driving my car for another two weeks ☹️


Thanks in advance....




Orange and Loud



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Put the 205/60/13 tyres on the 6" rims for the rear *confused*

lots of people have done this and its fine. The 7" that was used is the wrong offest hence the tyre rubbing the arch.


I wouldnt complain at 2 week delivery either for what is probably a low sales line of 7" rears.


The otehr alternative is to speak to Compomotive who should be able to do the correct offset *biggrin*


the R888's have a square shoulder compared to the likes of 32R and 48R, this shoulder is about 10mm and can cause clearance on the front wingstays too .


here is my Duratec R .... C7 TOP

Taffia joint AO with Al



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