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Possible CRB replacement


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Can any member kindly supply me with photos of the CRB replacement process (1800K VVC), showing the installation of the new CRB and the clutch release arm 🤔 After 18k miles the strange sounds from within suggest that a change is required *cry*
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You have not been reading Blatchat 😬 The engine, apparently, does not have to come out completely. However, I plan to remove it so that I can carry out other minor works at the same time. It would probably be good to renew the cam-belt while it is easily accessible. The annoying thing is that the engine was out very recently, when CC repaired my car after it was squashed by MR P*** of Wing *evil* *evil* I could have asked CC to replace the CRB then, but it was not howling then 😔


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