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slippery fluids


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Hi, everyone!


The time is approaching that I have to worry about what to put into my car, the engine, gearbox and rear axle.

The engine is a dry-sumped BDA.

The gearbox is a Quaife/FloTech rocket 'pro'.

The axle is an English with Quaife ATB diff.


I don not at all mind spending an extra quid or five for quality synthetic.

What are the best oils protecting my (relatively and to me) expensive components ?


Thanks for any and all hints !


Cheers - Karsten


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Steve at SPC is a Quaife agent and recommends Red Line products. I used them last year and they were fine. The yellow 75W90 for the diff (plate type LSD) and the turquoise bottle Lightweight Shockproof for the diff. Not sure what oil you should use for the ATB, ring Steve and chat. Steve sells the full range and so do Twatts.



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I too am trying to decide what oil to put in my new diff (Marina - Quaife LSD) Can anybody tell me the difference between a EP 90 and 80W/90. Is a GL4 inferior to a GL5? Is this like the API ratings?

I thought I was getting the hang of the oil nomenclature, but that was before I started to look at gearbox and diffs...


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