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Getting to the point

steve anning

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(Ford 1700 X flow)

Last week I checked my plugs to find that although the car is running fine the plugs needed replacing.

I then thought I’d better check my points and rotary arm, “ah” how do you get to it with the two Webbers on top ?

What do you do?, It looks like a major operation just to make this check

I don’t really want to wait for the car to start playing up before I get them changed




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Its not that difficult. I've even replaced the dist with the carbs in place.


I'm running a lucas dist, I presume you have a side exit dist cap. If so, its held on by a couple of spring clips, which you should be able to release, by reaching under the carbs from the front ie remove nose cone. If you have an electronic ignition, you won't have any points, just a rotor arm.


What type of system do you have?

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