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Green sludge in the header tank....

Mark Piper

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You haven't sucked up the remnants of the plastic I left at London to Brighton have youquestion.gifteeth.gif

Pea greenid=limegreen> sludge ehquestion.gif I occasionally get green residue on my shower tray at home. It's from the copper pipes (apparently), but it's just a discolouration, rather than sludge. Do you have a copper rad, or an ally onequestion.gif

Could it be radweld mixed with bright green coolantquestion.gif




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I knew you couldn't resist a response....thumbsup.gif


I agree it could be radweld - what miffs me is that Hyperion fitted a "perfect" secondhand high capacity rad (and it's no alloy, so by definition has to be copper, I guess) to my car last year....so why would they have felt it necessary to introduce radweld?....it reassures me that you haven't mentioned head gasket failure....nor has anyone else...yet



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Bite Bite Bite Bite etcteeth.gifteeth.gif

Yeah, I had a similar experience with my XR4x4 tow car. Supposedly good second hand rad, but dark green sludge in the header tank around the filler necksad.gif Head gasket failure would see a mayonnaise type sludge in catch tanks, and around the oil filler cap too, as well as your coolant turning a horrible brown colour.

Should've asked before, what enginequestion.gif

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K series - what else?....wink.gif


I'd better check the coolant isn't a horrible brown colour (but I already know it's not) but I do wonder if it were head gasket failure whether synthetic oils do give the coolant water a different colour to the good old mineral oils of old...



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