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Ford Duratec????

Michael Peterson

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Hello again Michael,


The Duratec is a potentially great new 2L 4 pot from good old 'Uncle Henry' and is to be found in our current Mondeo. Sadly (for you guys in the colonies anyway) I don't think it is to be sold over there but that may change of course.

Our old model Mondeo was, I think, your Ford Contour which had the Zetec fitted. As I haven't been to the USA since last Easter I am not sure if Ford replaced the Contour but you would most probably know the answer to that one.

The sort of figures being talked about for this engine are anything up to 300 bhp in normally aspirated form! It is an all alloy unit, so light in weight and with a standard design spec. which appears to lend itself to tuning potential.

Raceline have a prototype up and running in a 7 which I saw a few weeks ago and very impressive the installation looks too.

Don't know if you have seen recent threads concerning this engine but Caterham are being very tight lipped about whether or not we will see a 7 from the factory with it fitted. The present official line from Caterham is 'No' but..........


Definitely too much for your present axle and not too sure just what Amy would say! smile.gif


If you are coming over this year I will take you down to Raceline to see it.


Brent thumbsup.gif


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Chris at Raceline has a white board with weights of the Duratech.

The aim is to machine some unecessary mounting lugs off to get it

down to or close to a K he informed me...


I agree the installation did look very nice. Reminded me of my first left hooker 7, getting in on the exhaust side but this one had a 7" can!

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