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Pump fuel

Speedy Se7en

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Fuel RON rating.

Due to shared distribution systems such as pipelines, terminals and depots and due to each oil company using others refineries and ship fed terminals for supply there is no guaranteed difference in RON octane ratings. Only difference is in specific additive packages.

SHELL OPTIMAX has by far and away the highest octane rating although it contains huge amount of additives.


ps. I work for ChevronTexaco and more often than not use Tesco/Sainsbury fuel ! although now and again I fill up with Optimax, would not recommend continued use of Optimax due to the high addtive content.

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You will only get improved power etc if you have a self recalibrating timing ECU with antiknock sensors etc. The burn rate of Optimax is different so pinking can still be a problem even though the octane rating is higher. See similarly titled tread on Blat Chat about this...


On my 3d mapped Carbed HPC I see no extra performance over SUL or LRP (which I use when SUL) is not avail.


I did Cadwell last Oct on Optimax quite happly though!

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