O/T: Wimbledon 2022 tickets

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O/T: Wimbledon 2022 tickets

Very much off the topic of Caterhams but I have a pair Wimbledon Court 1 debentures which I won't be able to use every day of in 2022. These are the only tickets which can be legitimately resold for Wimbledon.

Prices will vary throughout the tournament (and are refundable if the unthinkable happens) with the semi-finals often proving the most popular, therefore the most expensive. The retractable roof on Court One also means that play is guaranteed and for the first time this year there is play formally scheduled for the middle Sunday. 

If I'm honest the tickets are pretty eyewateringly expensive but if you are looking at corporate entertaining (remember that?) or a special treat for a loved one then it is worth splashing out for the experience - these are the best seats on Court 1 and you also have access to exclusive debenture holder restaurants as part of this (which I can reserve a spot for you at). I should also be able to arrange parking in the debenture holders car park. I'm not a ticket reseller so whilst expensive I expect that my tickets will cost less than the usual corporate channels.  

Blatmail me if you are interested (and note to the admins if this isn't allowed then please feel free to delete this post!).