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brake pads falling apart

jamie adams

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my rears have worn very quickly, so before i order some more i thought i should check the fronts which prior to removal looked fine, but once removed look terrible, very swollen and flaking almost crumbling, infact i can easily pick bits off with my fingers. can anyone recommend better pads for standard discs and calipers.???

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Yes - Mintex 1144s work and last well on the fronts - and can be had for around £30ish for the axle-set (bit more from CC).


The rears can be left as standard - otherwise you can end up with the problems I've now got with my brake upgrade - too much rear braking effort - and that ain't fun if you find yourself needing to brake mid-corner... 😳


Project Scope-Creep is live...


Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - 🙆🏻



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Sorry to hijack this posting, but would Mintex 1155s on the front be OK with regular standard issue pads on rear? I've had racing pads on both front and rear and experienced more brake bias towards the rear 😳 and want to get it more to the front.
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Hi, from my limited knowledge and from reading other posts on the subject, 1155s for normal road might not warm up enough to work properly?


I suspect if you are a heavy track user they will be fine.



VX Power

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