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My Haggislander - 21 May


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Or for those of you scared to go to the dark side:

Had a great day oot!


Weather stayed decent for the majority of the time (except having to stop north of Aviemore to wipe the rain from the inside of my wileys... - aeros are great! )


Had an elise hanger-on (John Reid) who struggled to hang on to meet thinpaul & Graham Innes in Blairgowrie


Quick blat over to Pitlochry via Bridge of Cally & Kirkmichael to catch up with the tour, bumped into Peter Petrolhead, Mike Ketley (more on him later ), Richard Nicholson, and Myles.


Also had the pleasure of meeting for the first time Moomin, Rachael, the great Hoopy , Mark Jackson, his brother (who paxed with me between Tomintoul & Cairngorm because Mike Ketley was stuck in 4th gear ), Coose (who nearly got me to weld his car ), and last but not least, Simon Bell


If I missed anyone out, apologies


From Pitlochry, we headed back over Moulin Moors, then up the A93 thru Braemar, up over Tomintoul, Carrbridge, to Cairngorm.


After lunch (and watching Coosie weld his car back together ) Thinpaul, Graham, & I did our own thing, back to Royal Deeside to Ballater, along South Deeside road, then over Cairn o' Mount. Said our cheerios at Edzell, I was home for before 7.30pm, knackered


Excellent fun indeed!


*cool* *cool* *cool* *thumbup*


Sssssscottish SsssuperSsssnot!

Ssssneakypeek! *arrowright* whooooaaaa! *wink*

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Nice to finally meet you Ross. Shame we didn't get to meet up with you again later in the day...we got a bit behind when we had to help remove Mr Ketley from the grass bank/fence!


Glad that he did manage to make it up that hill in the end - no mean feat with only 4th gear (for those who weren't there, it was a 20% hill!)





Joint Cambridge AO *eek* 😬

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