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Completely o/t....bathroom suite


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Completely random idea.........just thought I'd give it a shot here!


We have just removed a complete bathroom suite made by Chadder & co


Worth new £5k

We have a free standing bath on legs, mirror, toilet roll holder, toliet with traditional over head high flush, basin on stand and towle rail with radiator in the middle.


It is top of the range stuff and I believe only 6 years old.


Pics can be taken and supplied or I'll work out which suites it is on the chadder website.


Anyone interested before we go to a salvage yard or similar?

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Thanks for the mail.


You couldn’t be much further away.


We are often renovating houses etc and keep things such as bathroom suites in stock, but in this case transport alone will rule this one out, sorry.




PS anyone know why my pc will not reply to blatmail


What am I going to take to work today Clio or 7 ???

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