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1930's Raleigh Policeman's Bike

Ben Long

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A fine collectors piece this. Not mine, but my Dad's I should add 😬


This bike is in need of light restoration, but well worth the asking price *thumbup*

Photo's available.




Contact Paul on 01635 862406 / 07768 61 85 82.


Edited by - ben long on 22 May 2005 18:00:26

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Thanks Norm. That's very decent of you. I'll be in touch with photo's if there's no interest. Recko it's well worth the money though.


I might end up cycling it down to Le Mans given I don't have a 7 at the mo 😬

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I should add that this is a push bike. I think the rear hub would begin smoking at anything over 30mph 😬


No blue light and siren Brent, no. I'm sure you could buy that seperately though, if you're looking for one for your new motor *tongue*


It has a nice comfy saddle, akin to a vintage tractor seat, but smaller. You can also lock the front forks so that you cannot turn the bike. Not sure what actually makes it a policemans bike.


Photo's available *thumbup*

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