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Brake Compensator Leaking - Who Sells Replacement?

Ian R

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My rear brake compensator unit has been leaking from the adjuster for a while so while the front hubs and discs are in bits I've decided to replace this


Can't seems to find anywhere that sells the same for a direct replacement unit - anyone else purchased one of these lately or got a good one lurking in their shed!


It's off a '91 VX 20ltr HPC derivative but I expect they are all very similar?!


Thanks for any sensible suggestions!




VX Power

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I could be wrong but I think most people will refer to that as a Brake Bias Adjuster.


To me at least a brake compensator is a valve that sit on/near the rear axle on a tin top and adjusts brake pressure dependent upon load on the rear axle. Hence reducing braking effort as weight transfers to the front of the car.


If I've got the right part, your bias adjuster will most likely be mounted near the master cylinder in the rear brake circuit.


Most obvious place for a replacement to me would be Caterham Parts Dept.





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Hi, this devise does sit in my rear brake circuit and is adjustable via a hole in the boot floor. It does vary the brake pressure just to the rear wheels. My car is a road legal version of the Caterham Challenge cars so I think is was a common fitment.


I tried Caterham but they only now do lever bias valves, tried Redline they dont do any. Waiting a call back from James Whiting. Demon Tweaks do them but not the same fitment from what I can see in their catalogues!





VX Power

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