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Lumenition suppliers in Essex

pete east

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Whilst out yesterday the donkey on the Seven died. the fault was the screw holding the the LED/Sensor to the distributor base plate had come adrift (after 15 years!) allowing the Sensor housing to move into the path of the beam splitter rotor (beam chopper)which duly knocked all the blades off it. Question 1.Do any Seveners know of Lumenition suppliers in Essex. Question 2. Can I buy the chopper rotor only or do I have to buy the whole distributor part of the kit. Question 3. My distibutor has absolutely no identifying marks or numbers on it, is there a way of identifying which type it is from its appearance/layout alone. I have to say that the Lumenition system has been a truly exellent piece of kit, and has given absolutely no problem whatsoever (not even the slightest of misfires) for 15 years until this mechanical rather than electronic problem. Whilst it is capable of coping with some wear in the distributor I would like to check that the unit is worth hanging on to, if using the lumenition system what tolerances in the didtributor should I be looking for?

As usual any advice would be very welcome. - Regards Pete.

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Graham - Thanks for the link. Dont know why I didnt think of Burtons in the first place. I contacted them and they have got all the bits I need in stock. I can really recommend Burtons, Its great talking to people who really know what they are talking about, and I can personnally vouch for the quality of their workmanship it is of the highest standard. Thanks again for the link. Regards Pete.
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