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one off VX camcover, black


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I´m selling my Vauxhall 16v camcover which is a modified one.


The standard oil/air outlets are blocked, the top filling hole has been welded close. So this camcover is only suitable for dry-sumped VXs, where you can add oil via the oil tank. The only air/oil exit on the camcover is a weld-on Dash 10 mounting from where you can rout a hose back to the oil tank. I will supply a 90° dash 10 aeroquip with the camcover.


The cover has also been modified to be run on an engine without the cambelt-cover, the front mounting points have been completely removed. The cover is painted in a special black crimple-colour, same as used on the Ferrari-camcovers (just to give you an idea how it looks like...).


The plug-cover is a carbon-fibre one, from SBD Motorsport.


The whole item is in very good condition, ready to fit incl. seal, 90° dash aeroquip and carbon plug cover.


Picture here


Asking price 100 pounds (a bargain for the effort put into it) plus 10 pounds shipping to GB.


I´m situated in Germany, can ship everyday by DHL.


Please mail to info@schneiderwind.de


Edited by - Marius on 11 May 2005 10:20:03

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