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Am I sad

Boonie Hound

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Well the answer is yes but the reason is since the slalom day I really, really, really want a seven and have taken to undoing both the windows on the tin-top when I drive to pretend....admittedly it's not nearly the same but a boy can dream.


I have even been known to choose Mrs B's car as it is the same 1.4 Rover engine - I hope there is a cure.

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1.Take one industrial tin opener, remove Mrs B's car roof

2. Put small wheels on Mrs B's car so its nearer the ground

3. Apply body kit - Out-of-a-box designs do 7 panels at very reasonable rates I believe *thumbup*


et voila *smile*


Alternatively, sit in a cardboard box making vrooming noises *smile* *smile*

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Ooooh - pretty car. Very nice, but I may be tempted to go the darkside and have a westfield/ tiger as a cheaper '7' type car.


on the Landrover front Mrs B almost agreed to spending £800 on a swb - tax exempt SIII that came up for sale on our staff bulletin but stupidly I said no cos it was a cab and soft top - lokks like she may be cracking.


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