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db levels


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Just found out that this weekend's local sprint, has a maximum db level of 93. What's the likelyhood that I can pass?? 1.8K with 195bhp, and 4-2-1 side exhaust. Any tricks/suggestions other than a Ten spot to the tech guy? I'll promise not to use the loud pedal, too much *tongue*. Tom
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Depends. Is this a static or driveby test? At what revs/distance?


If (as is typical in the uk) it's a static test at 0.5m and 45 degrees from the tailpipe at 1/2 or 3/4 max revs then I would say no chance of passing it. More likely you'd be hitting high 90's to low 100's with your set up. If it's some other sound test setup then who knows?


Good luck.



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Fiddle with the tacho(if it has those micro switches on the back) so it reads double the revs *smile*

(This is presuming it's a static test at 3/4 revs of max revs)

L7 BDA Supersprint Joy here 😬


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Another alt would be a rear add on silencer.

I have one of these that I can use with 6" rear wheels. No space for the 2.5" pipe otherwise.

This extra can does make it a whisper from the exhaust though.


I would probably be over 93dB on induction though.


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