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Wheel Laquering


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My Son has a set of Blitz techno speed Z1 split rims. He has just had these wheels taken apart and the lip + dish polished. In there original state the outer lip and dish on the wheels is laqured. I have attached a pic of 1 wheel so you can see the finish (Currently they have no centre spokes in place awaiting the laquer.)




He has contacted a number of Powder coating / wheel refurb companies enquiring what the best course of action for laquering would be. I think this has made everything more confusing as many of the companies have said different things. These are the answers he has been given :-


- Standard Powder laquer

- Hard polyester laquer

- Wet spray Laquer

-Not laquered at all (not an option due to spokes preventing access when in place.)


Apparently they all have different pros and cons i.e dulling of the original finish, flaking (Wet spray) etc. Can anyone give me some advice on the best course of action.


Many thanks.

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Steve, Hi. Yup, have been back to Blitz uk and their customer relations department is most unhelpful. All they are interested in is selling new wheels, not providing a refurb service for increasing the longevity of old ones.



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Chris, it may not be an option but I painted the backs of my wheels satin black (always looks clean-ish!) and did not lacquer the fronts but simply polished them from time to time.


My 7 rarely goes out on salty roads though - if it did a quick spray with WD40 would help stop corrosion.


The problem with lacquer is that corrosion seems to get under the lacquer quite quickly. I guess that if baked on in a professional paintshop that may not happen but I'm not convinced that home spray cans can achieve that or the nice shine that the pros get.



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