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1400SS roadsport (starter 7)


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For sale -


A tatty but mechanically excellent and very fast 7.


Spec is -


M reg, white, 1400 k series with supersport kit, de-dion race chassis, full cage, race exhaust, brake bias controller, lightweight flywheel. fully road registered etc. i recently declared this SORN as it is my partners car and she is now half way through being pregnant. It can obviously be taxed at any point.


Please e-mail me for further info if you are interested but please note - this car will not please the polishers amongst you - it is an excellent track car and drivers car but has not been looked after appearance wise.


I would imagine it to be one of the cheapest k series de dion cars around.


I have had this car up against my superlight around Anglesey a few times and it is virtually inseperable on lap times. It currently has a 6 speed box in it but that is not included in the sale - that will be going into my next project. I have a 5 speed box from a low milege 2001 roadsport to fit to the 1400.




£7750 with dry sump.

£7250 without dry sump.


I also have quite a few spares including newer suspension, wishbones, carbon fibre centre tunnel trim, brakes, wings, panels (skin). If someone bought it wanting to do a refurb then I could include / swop some parts for newer ones.


I was planning a refurb for the car and hoping to sell it looking very tidy but this year I am: moving house, in the 2nd year of a new business, having a baby, doing the caterham academy so my year has filled up somewhat - I am unlikely to get around to sorting the car til July / August & by that time the baby will nearly be here so basically, it is sad to sell the car before doing what I wanted with it but I pretty much have all the bits required to make it look pretty once more.

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