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electric speedo sensor fitting


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I'm trying to get my Seven back on the road but appear to be missing part of the speedo sensor to gearbox equipment. i have the rotating part, turns with the output shaft, and i have the electric sensor, with its wires and a square wire which fits into the rotating part from the gearbox. but the electric sensor is obviously held onto the gearbox by a threaded collar - but i have nothing the thread the collar onto.

my previous Seven had a mechanical drive, with the brass top hat held in place by the circlip - as described in my build manual.

any ideas what part (part number?) i'm missing.

many thanks.


Travellin' Man

Tony and Susan Boyd

130,000 miles in 9 years with Edmund!

Now for Godffrey, the SV.

10,000 in 2 months!!!

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