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Zetec Update

Joespeeder v2.0

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Hi All,


After driving the car progressivly further form home trying to get it to fail again and no troubles, I moved hoses and insulated the fuel line.


Off I went to our Spring Kick Off event for the Porsche Club. It's a beer and brats parts thingy. I knew I'd have lots of support if needed.


I made it one exit past the one it died at before. Bonnet off, fuel rail was slightly warm but no where near the high heat I saw before. Ok, so not the problem but it was a improvment over the hot rail.


Next I pulled the OBDII codes. Yahooooo!!!!!! I got a real code!! 😬


PO190 - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfuntion


At this point I was only a couple of miles from help. I wiggled the connecter and kind of poked at the sensor. The car fired and ran ruff. But it really wasn't a change from when I shut it down. So I decided to try to make it to the safety of a friends. It wouldn't rev above 2,000-2,500. I went slow and as I got closer it ran better.


Shut it off, showed off the car and ten minutes later it refired and ran good again!!!


I drove it the rest of the day with it running well and gave a ride as a door prize at the SKO. Even managed to get sideways in a roundabout!!! *wink*


On the way home I stopped every 20 minutes. Just long enough to shut the car off and get a Coke or use the rest stop.


So for now, I have a new fuel rail pressure sensor on its way and I have 620+ mles on the car.This weekend is going to be nice and I have the time to really work on it if the new part gets here soon.




TheCaterhamProject.com - Build site with photos here

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HI Joe nice to know its sorted, I carn't get my new Zeteced Engined Caterham going at all the ECU isn't reading the crank sensor checked wireing thats ok checked the crank sensor so sent ECU back to Emerald thay say its ok but that have changed something in the map so hopefuly it will fire up when I get it back Best Regards Paul
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