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Fiesta Clutch problem.........


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Non-Caterham question.

My other half has an old Fiesta (M reg), which I have changed the self-adjusting clutch ratchet on due to it slipping (not a fun job, but that's another story *eek*). However the problem still seems to occur. So this weekend just gone, I changed the clutch cable thinking that it has stretched as the ratchet was right on it’s maximum and couldn’t take up any more slack in the cable. Although the new cable was very slightly shorter the problem still continues *mad*. Does anyone know if it’s okay to move the clutch actuating arm on its spindle slightly so that the cable appears shorter so that the clutch peddle ratchet takes up the slack in the middle of its travel rather than on the top end? Or will this cause problem with the biting point of the clutch? Not sure if you can under stand what I mean as its difficult to explain, but I hope someone can advise.

Cheers in advance!


J.D *cool*

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