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Water Pump and J Pipe


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Having some issues with the J pipe on a K Series. Replaced the original Pipe that fits on to the water pump but had trouble getting it to fit, so took a bit out of the pipe - this now leaks, so I bought another one from caterham.


This latest pipe is a lot more flexible than the old one and was easier to fit, in the process i noticed that the rubber O ring on the water pump was a bit loose - is this correct or should it be a tight fit around the groove on the waterpump. Also when fitted the hose was fine for about 10 minutes of idle running then it came away from the water pump and dumped coolant all over the drive.


So a couple of questions regarding the O ring - should it be tight fit and if yes where is the best place to get a new one - i.e. rover dealer or caterham - can you just buy the 0 ring.


Also whats the best way to fit the J pipe as I have had real issues getting it on to far !!


Many thanks



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hmmm - I'm assumming you mean the o-ring on the stat housing stub pipe? I removed mine, fitted the hose as far on as it would go and tightened the retaining clip on the engine side of the bit that used to hold the o-ring. So far, no problems.


There is an o-ring on the stat houing to seal it into the block - that one has to be intact and properly in-place. Other than the mentioned places, rubber stockists, nut and bolt suppliers, bearing suppliers and hose suppliers are good places to start - a quick look in the yellow pages should see you sorted.


TO make getting the hose on easier, use generous smear of washing up liquid - supposedly the expensive ones contain less salts to casue corrosion -I just happened to have some specialist rubber lubricant . . .not that sort, this stuff is for pulling cables down conduit and evaporates away with no residue left.



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Cheers for that - it is the 0 ring on the stat pipe - might try your method - as with the 0 ring in place i couldn't get the retaining clip on far enough and think this is what caused it to come off.


Have throttle boddies on now so getting access to the pipe is a real PITA.





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