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Half wishbone suspension - trying to clarify torque settings

Neil MH

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I have a 1990 1700SS with the 1990-91 revised suspension setting at the front, with the half wishbone.


I have to replace the top link because there is wear in the ball joint.


I seem to be reading conflicting information about the torque settings (and am not sure I can just use the standard ones - i.e for the bolts and nuts of that size).


The settings I am trying to check out are for:


1. The 3 1/2 by 1/2 capscrew/nyloc that holds the top link to the chassis


2. The 1" by 5/16 bolt that goes through the top link to hold the link itself, the half wihbone and ARB together (it goes into the ARB according to the diagram)


3. The Nyloc nut on the balljoint (I am assuming this is just a standard torque setting?)


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